Solar gel nails designs - Gel overlays nails designs


  Durable, Extra Strong, Last 3 - 4 Weeks
 Less Breakage, Less Lifting
 Mirror Finish, See Through Like Uv Gel
 Won't Discolor And Turn Yellow
 Available In Pink & White, Color, Sparkle & Fun Design Nail Tips
 Great For Long Nails And Nail Tip Extension

What 's the different between solar and acrylic nails

Solar CND is a brand name of acrylic product manufacture by a reputable company called Creative Nail Design. This product is high performance, break less than other acrylic brands. In general, it known for durability, and it
gel like look.

How is New set Solar applied

Your nail will first be buffed lightly, then nail tip is glued on for longer
extension. The nail tech will apply a layer of fresh solar powder gel on
the nail bed on each hand. Once the product is dry, she will shape, file down the excess products to give the nail a smooth finish. After nails were
cleaned and shaped, a gel coat is applied overtop to
give it a permanent shine.