Shellac Pedicures and Manicures Nails Design in Calgary


 14 Plus Days Wear Guarantee
 Dries Before You Leave, No Smudge, No Waiting Time
 Thin And Real Just Like Nail Polish
 Helps Short Nail Grow
 Easily Soaked Off And Won't Harm Nailed
 Available In French And 100 Plus Color
 Great For Natural Nail
 Recommend For Manicures

Why Shellac for pedicure

Shellac is perfect nail polish for vacation getaway. Your pedicure won't get scrub off by the sand or wash off in the pool. Shellac manicure & pedicure gives you
the freedom to wash your hands or do any house work without worry of
fading Shellac polish is long lasting, help short nail grow and comes off easily with soak solution

How it's done

Shellac is a gel base nail polish that replace the traditional nail polish on a manicure or pedicure. After you have a regular mani/pedi. Your nail is
prepared for nail polish paint, this time you'll have shellac paint and cured in
the UV lamp for proper product adhesion After curing, nail will be cleansed
with alcohol and follow with hand lotion and you're good to go.
Cuticle oil is highly recommended prevent hangnail and keep nails strong and healthy.

What is manicure

Manicure is a hand treatment that involves cleaning cuticles skin, shaping
the nail, apply nail polish and a relaxing hand and lower arm massage. A manicure is relaxing and also improve the looks and well being of your nails
and hands. For dry and chapped skin, you can add sugar scrub to remove excess dry skin and follow with paraffin dip. Guarantee your hand will be
so soft and smooth, you'll love it!

How often should I get manicure

You may choose to do manicure on occasion as your favorite treats and you can do this as often as once a week to keep them in shape

What is pedicure
Pedicure is nice foot treatment, very relaxing. You will be seating in a comfy massage chair and have your feet soaked in warm jetted foot tub. The nail
tech will shape, clean toe nail, cuticles and scrub the heels. Then mint exfoliation is used to soften and smooth your foot and lower leg. Once the scrub is rinse off, you'll get a 10 minutes foot massage and follow with a
polish of choice.

How often should I get a pedicure
Getting a Pedicure is a great treat for yourself after a long day at work.
Foot massage can improve blood circulation, relaxed your mind. So enjoy a footbath while getting your nail done. Bring your friends and
family along and have fun. They'll thank you for that!

You can do a pedicure every 4 - 6 weeks to maintain a good shape or you
can just use it as a treat anytime you feel like.