Bio gel, Uv gel and Powder gel Nails Design Calgary


  Ultra thin, light, flexible and natural looking
 Non lifting, non yellowing, long lasting (3 - 4 weeks)
 Available in clear, French and some colors
 Works like a thin wrap to protect nailed
 Best for short nail and overlay on real nail
 Not recommended for long nails and nail tip extension

Why Bio Seaweed Gel

If you got thin, short nail and would like nails that's real and natural looking. This is a good option because bio Gel is applied thinly like a nail wrap, feel
light and real. It usually last very well and rarely lifts on shorter nails.

How is Bioseaweed applied

The nail and cuticle will be buffed to prepare for products application. (Extension will only be used for very short nails.) The product then will be applied on nail bed and curedin UV lamp for 5 minutes on each hand. When done, the nail tech will shape and lightly smooth the surface.
Finally, a gel coat is put on for added shine.

UV Gel Nails

  • Softer and more natural looking compare to powder gel
  • More flexible, gentler on the nail, easier to remove
  • Can be used for both long and short nails

Should I do UV Gel

Yes you can but the Gel products is more gentle and softer compare to the acrylic powder gel It can break and chip easier when you're rough on them, especially with longer nails. So if you are gentle on them they'll last a long
time. The UV gel is known for it's shiny, natural and elegant looks.

How is UV gel applied

  • The cuticle area and nail bed is buffed and cleaned.
  • Nail tip extension is glued on
  • Gel products is sculptured and cure in the UV lamp for 5 minutes
  • Then nail is shaped, file, and cleaned
  • Top gel coat is applied